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Business Class is a financial planning service for professionals and families who need guidance and education on financial questions. The most important part of your financial plan is that it is built around you. Our team will work very closely with you throughout the planning process to answer your questions and walk you through the various aspects of a sound strategy to overcome your obstacles and achieve your most important goals.

We can also help you manage your investment in addition to financial planning. We will build a tailored investment portfolio and manage it according to your plan.

Our Financial Planning Process


We  understand your current situation and where you want to be in the future. We will make a list of your dreams and goals, discuss what keeps you awake at night, and how you deal with financial risks.


We will gather documents, help you sort out the paperwork and organize the information.


We will build a plan that will help you achieve your goals. It will not only take into consideration your desires, but other aspects of your life. You will have a map that will give a clear idea what are the necessary steps to be taken.


We will start implementing the recommendations from your financial plan. We will focus on the most pressing matters and make sure the skies are clear for your goals.


We will monitor your progress to make sure you are on track. Your situation and the plan will be revised at least annually and any necessary adjustments will be made.

What we can help you with

  • Debt reduction: What steps are necessary to reduce my debt?

  • Education: How can I pay for my loved ones’ education?

  • Risk planning: What is the right insurance strategy for me?

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