With so many investment options available, it is no wonder that planning for the future can be, at best, a challenge, and worst, a downright nightmare.

After realizing that pre-packaged, traditional banking products were confusing, costly, and rarely met the needs of his clients, Inva Capital’s CEO, Raphael Cordeiro, knew there had to be a better way.

What began as a local outfit in Curitiba, Brazil, known at the time as Raphael Cordeiro Consultoria, has grown internationally. Today, Inva Capital offers financial planning and investment solutions in Brazil and the US.

Inva Capital Wealth Management was founded on the premise that successful investing can be astonishingly simple, given the right combination of strategy and behavioral management.

At Inva Capital, we specialize in designing and maintaining long-term investment portfolios, with a focus on mitigating the risks commonly associated with market adversity.

We believe that some of our best work is done around helping clients make very important decisions that may seem more simplistic in nature, such as debt reduction, managing credit, and tax planning — just to name a few.

We tailor our services to our clients’ unique needs, putting them in the best position to realize their long-term financial goals.

That way, instead of spending time trying to decipher financial jargon or selecting from a pool of funds that could ‘beat’ the market, they can focus on what matters most: peace of mind.

Meet our team

Luiz Augusto Pacheco, CFA, CFP®, FRM, CAIA
Luiz Augusto Pacheco, CFA, CFP®, FRM, CAIAFinancial Planner / Portfolio Manager
Luiz Augusto Pacheco is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Financial Risk Manager (FRM), and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA). He has earned the reputation as a seasoned leader in the financial planning space. Throughout the span of over a decade, he has garnered extensive hands-on expertise in multiple facets of the finance industry.

Starting out, Luiz delved in the world of stocks and worked in a Broker-Dealer in Brazil. It wasn’t long before he realized how little emphasis was placed on each client’s unique set of needs. Ultimately, that led him to look for ways to better serve customers without worrying about commissions and sales quotas.

Luiz serves as a Portfolio Manager & Financial Planner for Inva Capital Wealth Management, where he is dedicated to helping clients make all their financial goals a reality through strategic, results-driven solutions. In addition to his numerous globally-recognized financial designations, he holds an MBA from Wayne State University.

When he isn’t paving paths to monetary prosperity, Luiz Augusto Pacheco enjoys reading engaging books and cooking unique dishes. He also has an avid interest in all things technology and sports. Above all, he is a lifelong learner who utilizes his in-depth knowledge to ensure his valued clients create a stress-free financial situation for themselves and their loved ones.

Raphael Cordeiro, CFP®
Raphael Cordeiro, CFP®Partner
Raphael Cordeiro is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) who is widely known for being one of the very first CFP® professionals across Brazil. Throughout the past two decades, he has cultivated extensive expertise in the industry.

Raphael’s avid interest in all things business began at the early age of 13, when he read a book entitled “Virando a Própria Mesa” by Ricardo Semler. His passion for finance entered his life during his first year of college.

Currently, Raphael proudly serves as the CEO of Inva Capital. Prior to that, he held various finance-driven roles for numerous esteemed companies. Furthermore, Raphael holds an MBA in Personal Finance from Universidade de São Paulo.

No matter what venture he takes on, he is on a mission to help high-net-worth investors pave the path to enduring financial prosperity.

During his free time, Raphael Cordeiro enjoys reading adventure and biography books and exploring new places. He is also a history buff and a fan of BigTrail Motorcycles. Above all, he loves spending quality time with his wonderful child who inspire him to be his best version every day.

We have recognized expertise

Any person can declare oneself a financial advisor. At Inva Capital Wealth Management, you have the guarantee of a differentiated service. Its professionals seek constant improvement and have the most respected financial certifications, such as CFA and CFP®.

We understand you

Before making recommendations, Inva Capital Wealth Management studies your objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

We have no conflict of interest

Inva Capital is impartial in decisions that best fit its clients’ needs, since it does not receive commission from third parties.

We act as your fiduciary

The integrity of a financial advisor is one of hers most important characteristics. For this reason, the interests of Inva Capital clients’ are always in first place.

We sit on the same side of the table as our clients

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