Why Inva Capital Wealth Management?

Making financial decisions is not easy. We know that many of the choices we make today can determine if ourselves and our loved ones will enjoy the future we deserve. The uncertainty of markets and the massive amount of information available can lead to sub-optimal choices with substantial consequences.

Inva Capital Wealth Management can help guide you through the many potential risks your financial strategies will face and support you in your decision-making process to ensure that you make the most rational choices possible and that are in line with your ultimate objectives.

  • As a Registered Investment Advisor, we act as our clients’ fiduciary. This means that their interests are above our own.
  • Our professionals have the most respected financial certifications, such as CFA and CFP®.
  • We can collaborate closely with attorneys, accountants, and other representatives to optimize our clients’ strategy.
  • We diligently avoid conflicts of interest when representing our clients. We never collect commissions from the transactions of assets and our compensation is aligned with the objectives of those we represent.

Hello, I’m Luiz, Inva Capital Wealth Management’s Portfolio Manager & Financial Planner

Below, you can check my profile at CFP Board Let’s Make a Plan, XY Planning Network, NAPFA, and BrightScope websites.

We have two different services, First Class and Business Class, that will help you achieve your financial goals and enjoy your life. Check them out!

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What is INVA?

INVA is the Flight Instructor’s qualification in Brazil. This is a license obtained by people with extreme skill. From putting a plane in the air to make passengers arrive at their destination in safety. The flight instructor also needs to be proficient in teaching and correcting mistakes of his apprentices.